Close Pop In Modern Cloth Nappies

by Jenny Howell
in Modern Cloth Nappies
21 Jul 2014  |  0 Comments

Close Pop In modern cloth nappies are easy to use, comfortable for baby and very, very absorbent. Bamboo fabric is 4 times more absorbent than cotton.

Each nappy comes with a PUL cover with stretchy velcro tabs, making them very easy to use and giving them a nice neat, snug fit. The covers have pops at the front to enable you to adjust the size from newborn baby size right up to toddler. These cover are easy to wash and quick to dry 

The inserts that are included when you purchase your Pop In nappies are soaker - booster inserts, made from bamboo terry, you can use the soaker only or add the booster to create greater absorbency. The soaker and booster pop together and then pop onto the cover to ensure they all stay neatly in place. A night time booster   ( purchased separately ) can also be added, this will help to get your baby through the night without any leaks. So you can have a nice slim fit during the day and add the extra padding at night time when its needed most.

Close Pop In nappies are available as single nappies in 4 different prints - Lions, Robots, Russian Dolls and Hippos. The Brights and Pastels come in 3 pack sizes - Big Box of 20 nappies, 6 night time boosters, a 160 pack of disposable nappy liners and a medium wet bag,  Middle Box of 10 nappies, 3 night time boosters a pack of 80 disposable nappy liners and a small wet bag and  a Little Box of 5 nappies and 1 night time booster. The multi packs are great value, a Big box contains enough cloth nappies for full time use.

Close Pop In Nappies also come as a newborn pack. Each pack contains 6 PUL covers in gender neutral pastel colours and 10 inserts.

The newborn inserts have a layer of 100% Soya fibre....known as vegetable cashmere or stay dry suede cloth. You can choose this side of the insert to place against baby's delicate skin. The inserts are easily removed for washing and dry quickly for reuse. The inserts are not bulky and designed for the lower wetting and higher frequency changing in those first few weeks. With this pack you will get 10 nappy changes!!!

Overall,  Close Pop In nappies have it covered, reliable, easy to use, comfortable for your baby, night time boosters and extra soaker-booster sets available, a variety of colours and prints available and the size is adjustable from newborn to toddler size.  Who could ask for more?


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