Care tips for your cloth nappies

by Jenny Howell
in Modern Cloth Nappies
26 Jul 2015  |  0 Comments

If you are new to using cloth nappies, you're probably wondering about how to go about washing them.

Usually, there will be information provided for care and use with your nappies when you purchase them. It's always best to follow the manufacturers instructions, but, if you have nothing else to go by, here are some tips and suggestions to assist you in caring for your cloth nappies from Little Eco.

Your new nappies will have to be washed prior to use, to assist absorbency and remove any manufacturing residues. Bamboo nappies and inserts may need 4 washes before they reach maximum absorbency.

Remove any solids from your nappies into the toilet ( not necessary for newborns). Store used nappies in a nappy bucket with a lid.

When the bucket is full, but no longer than 3 days, pop your nappies into the washing machine. Run a rinse cycle to dilute urine and remove any remaining solid waste.

Following manufacturers recommendations, wash your nappies using only a half dose of detergent that doesn't contain brighteners, enzymes, perfumes or dyes.

Do not soak your nappies as this can damage them and the chemicals aren't kind to your babies delicate skin. Do not use fabric softeners.

Line drying is the best for your nappies as the sun is a natural sanitiser and amazingly it also removes stains. In wet weather, pop your nappies over a clothes airer indoors. If that isn't an option, most cloth nappies can be tumble dried onward cycle. Do not place PUL covers in the dryer.


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